New year new chances

Friday, January 13, 2017

Week two of 2017. So far it has been a good year:-)
I've taken some time to do less on social media. I needed the headspace and time to focus on other things since I learned my contract was not going to be renewed. But I'm back now!

Since I had a burnout in September focussing is energy draining and making me less capable of multi tasking. A few months down the road it is improving and I'm feeling much better. Where I would take afternoon naps daily that is now rarely and now when to take it slow to regain energy.
Having no family around meant a tough time during the holiday season but I survived and did pretty well in mostly my own company.

Although things are tough I'm positive and looking forward to what 2017 will bring. I try to not worry about things I can't change and find happiness within what I do have and can.
Now I'm at home fulltime I need some sort of routine so I don't get stressed, do what I need to do like job hunting, work on the flat as there is still lots of paintwork to do, find hobbies, excercise and enjoy me time. Sounds easy but not for a busy bee like I always was.

The past two weeks of 2017 were good. My routine is to get up between 7 and 8 am depending on when big pussykid decided to tap me in the face with his paw. Sip coffee, read news and social media, do chores, browse and apply for jobs until lunchtime. The afternoons depend a little on what the weather is like to go out for a bike ride or walk. So far I've gone for a bike ride every day. Even if only to run a few errands. Not having a car anymore feels like missing a limb and giving up a lot of my freedom. As it's winter I don't get out in the evenings on my bike. Not safe and no friends in the area. A few friends visit regularly for a bit of a chat and nutter which is nice. I may be on my own a lot but not alone or lonely.

So far so good!

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