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Friday, January 13, 2017

From June 1st to December 31st of 2016 I've lost over 25 kilogram.
I get tons of compliments of how happy and great I look. And I feel great so that shows. I've noticed more interest from men especially. Not that I had anything to complain about already but now...men are flirting with me in the supermarket, at parties and tax offices, flames from the past asking me out and just the other day a passer by in a car honking his horn and blew a kiss. What a great boost for my ego that is!

Obviously I'm not losing weight to get more male attention but it sure is nice and I enjoy it. Why I am losing weight is I was fed up needing plus size clothes and not being able to find what I like in that.
I started at size 54-56 in Dutch size which is 24-26 US and 26-28 UK size.
Today I have 46-48 in Dutch size which is 16-18 US and 18-20 UK size.
And that isn't a very tight fit so with stretchy clothes I could fit a smaller size but don't want to hold my breath all the time and look like a roulade in it.

Lots of people ask me how I did/do it.
Let me make clear I do not believe in dieting. No Weight Watchers kind of food programs, no pills, no fasting, nothing of that. It of course helps you lose weight but it is never lasting. As soon as you go 'back to normal' you become a jojo.

So out the door with diets and all that shit!
As we are all unique you need to find out what works for you. And not for a few weeks, months, a year but as your lifestyle.
If you are too fat and eat less you lose weight. Simples. But when you starve yourself you will gain weight.

What I did was I wrote down everything I ate and drank, and also how I felt. I did that for a week.
Then I looked up the  amounts of nutrition all those foods and drinks were and wrote that behind it.
Kind of like what they do with actual food in Secret Eaters. You know where they set all that was consumed on a table. Which is shocking and for most a real eye opener. You can do that with a list too. You get insight and see what you consume and when you do it and how you feel at those times.

Take the standard recommended intake guidelines and compare that to your list. It doesn't take rocket science to see what you eat and drink too much and what not.
So there is your first step. Eat and drink according the standard guidelines. Cut your portions to recommended sizes. Stop eating or drinking products that are labelled light, low fat, no fat, no added sugar, stevia or artificial sweetened products and no ready made food and packages that contain too many wrong E-numbers (not all are wrong). Cut out E-621 completely which is a salt, taste enhancer called Natrium Glutomate. Easier said is eat pure foods and be sensible about portions.

Do NOT change anything else at this point other than go out for a walk around your block every day. Don't push for walking kilometres or miles if you don't do that normally so just a walk. Take time to get used and adjusted to eating according the standards guidelines.

When you have and you don't need to read the labels on products in the shop anymore you are ready for step two.
Write down again what your total intake is in a week and look up all the amounts of nutrition in it. Compare that to your old list. See how far you have come already?!!
Now you will also see the products you take that contain lots of sugar, fat, proteins, carbs.
If you want to lose weight you need to lower your intake on sugar, certain fats, up proteins if you do exercise and be careful with carbs on days you are less active.
Play with that for a while and take time to see how your body reacts on that.
I am pretty sure you have lost weight already, I know I lost 7 kilo only doing what I wrote above here. Then I added exercise to it. Walking, cycling, gym, dancing, high intensity training. What ever works for you and most importantly what you find or can learn to find fun to do.
It is impossible to keep up if you don't do what you like to exercise. When the focus is on it being a must the fun is gone, focus on having fun and in a few weeks you will notice a difference. Walking gets easier. You pace up your speed with biking. You can do more jumping jacks in one minute. Don't over do things, don't push yourself. Have fun and dare to play with food and exercise.

Every few weeks you make the list, add the nutrition amounts and your progress. Up your exercise as you get better at it. Up your proteins on the days you are active and lower the carbs on days you're not. Now critically take a look at the amount of sugar intake and possible ready made stuff you still use. Cut back as much as you can in this. Again, take time to adjust and learn it to get your normal routine.

Every few weeks you critically look at how your progress is. If you are seriously follow this and take your time it will become a lifestyle and never want to diet again. Also slowly adopting this way of life is so much easier when you have a busy life with work and kids because you all eat the same.

So can you drink wine?
Yes, I do. Only on weekends now and it means I need to let go of some carbs the rest of the day and walk a bit longer.

You can eat and drink everything you like and were already used to but with moderation, portion control and common sense you will find other foods you will like.

I eat more than I used to and I lose weight every day. Remember it took you a while to gain 10 kilo so do not expect that to be gone in 3 weeks and your skin not sagging. Take it slow and most of your stretched skin will recover perfectly.

This was me in September 2013. I had lost a good few kilos since then and had a mini tummy tuck in December 2013. Then since my mum died I gained it all back and more to around 137 kilo (I stopped weighing there) by not eating enough, too much alcohol and no exercise.

This is me on December 26 2016. Over 30 kilo less than above.

If you need advice and/or support feel free to drop me a comment or email.


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