How life did a 360 on me...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Never I imagined how life would turn a 360 on me caused by my narcissistic brother and my mothers death. 

It’s been a living nightmare and I keep my chin up, stay positive even though all I have today is my clothes, furniture and two adorable cats. All I worked for over 20 years is gone. My business, my house, my belongings and most part of my social life. Trying to get out of this mess I’ve taken on any job I could get just to earn an income, too much pride to hold my hand up to receive entitled benefits.

Only two years ago I had just lost my mum to lung cancer and I was busy clearing out her apartment. A sad time but overall I had a pretty happy life the prior years. I had a nice job, my own business and a busy social life. I always walked on the path not the grass, worked hard since 15 years old and being a carer to mum since my dad passed was normal to me.

Reality today is that I have a debt of almost €50k. Not from shopping online and going on holidays but my mums taxes, the payout to my brother, the selling of my house by the bank and business contracts I had to break. If you know me a little you know I have done all I can to try to solve things but no one listened or helped. If I was heard earlier this amount wouldn’t have been as high but in the Netherlands you do not get help when you are not in trouble yet. Organisations like the local council, banks, etc only know how to handle when you are in deep trouble. And strangely enough this is how they make money of you leaving you in a bigger debt than you had in the first place!

None of the debts are due to culpable negligence by my doing which makes it very hard to digest and to move on. All the paperwork has been sent to the local council debt department recently to see if I am eligible for the debt restructuring program. Basically that means to live on welfare level for 3 to 5 years.

I’ve been cracking my brain over and over to think of another way to solve this mess. I don’t plan to flee or run away from paying the debts but surely there must be another way ? Please help me to get out of this mess!

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