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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's been a few years since I stopped blogging the old blog. But blood is thicker than water and for a long time I've been contemplating to make a proper come back.

The old blog was pretty successful for a Dutchie blogging in English about everyday life as a single woman. I used to have a few thousand followers on Twitter until I decided to shut down that account and start over.

So here is a fresh start to blogging. What can you expect?
I've asked my blogging buddies what to write about and each and every one said to pick up writing like I used to do because they loved the old blog.
What you can expect are posts about everyday life of a now forty something single woman who loves her two pussykids, her friends, food and nutter.

If you have any suggestions for subjects for me to blog about or would like to post as a guest feel free to contact me.


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