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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Everyday life has changed a lot since the old blog.
I will not bombard you with all that information just now but will add posts about that gradually.

To be honest, since my mum died in October 2014 I am trying hard to find a new mojo to everyday life and I am struggling with that.
It still feels like living a nightmare and I hope I will wake up one morning feeling myself again being comfortable and safe.

It often feels my head is in the clouds, my thoughts are all over the place, the words that come out of my mouth in the wrong order or can't find the words I want to say. Exhausting that is and I can imagine it can be annoying for the people around me and difficult to understand if I can't put into words what goes on in my head or heart.

Right now life is working in shifts, make a new home for me and the pussykids and spend time with friends if I can.


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  1. You've had a hard couple of years and had to deal with more than anyone should. I've been impressed by your strength in handling it though and know you will find a way through. x

  2. Thank you Erica. I hope that what I've had to deal with and how I do that can be an inspiration for others is similar situations.


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